A One stop industrial products provider

Integrated Quality Services Co., Ltd.(IQS) was established in 1998 to supply industrial products, aftermarket services, and solutions to oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, pulse and paper, steel, cement, ceramic, and food industries. Major products and service which currently supply are including various rotating machinery and process equipment. IQS's market network and sale channel are well covered Thailand's major industrial area.

IQS service team compose of experienced and technical capable person with fully equipped workshop.


Rotating Equipments

Process Equipments


IQS established AODD pump stock of various type, size and material.

Argal Pumps

IQS is able to provide maintenance and alternative spare parts supply of AODD pumps, PC pumps, plate heat exchanger, and cooling water components of various brands. Please contact IQS for more detail.