CSA Automatic Pressure Control Valves

CSA เป็นผู้ผลิตวาล์วควบคุมอัตโนมัติสำหรับระบบควบคุมการจ่ายน้ำ เช่น วาล์วควบคุมความดันอัตโนมัติ,วาล์วควบคุมความดัน,วาล์วควบคุมอัตราการไหล,วาล์วควบคุมระดับ,วาล์วนิรภัย (relief valve), วาล์วป้องกันความดันไม่คงที่ (anti-surge), วาล์วป้องกันช็อค,วาล์วป้องกันระบบน้ำ วาล์วระบบน้ำเสีย วาล์วน้ำทะเล การออกแบบเป็นไปตามมาตรฐานอุตสาหกรรม ใช้ในอุตสาหกรรมทั่วไป

CSA Srl is Italian valve manufacturer and solutions provider for fluid regulation and control. The product provide are automatic pressure control valve, pressure control valve, flow control valve, level control valve, pressure relief valve, solenoid control valve, anti-surge control valve, ball control valve, air release valve, air vent valve, anti-shock valve, and anti-slam valve for water work, waste water treatment, sewage, sea water and industries.

XLC 300 and 400 Series


Diaphragm actuated valves with pilot circuit for automatic regulation of pressure, flow, tank level and pumps, relief, on/off and step by step operation and remote control by solenoids, with numberless combinations of functions and versions.

Body in ductile cast iron epoxy coated, internals in stainless steel. Connections: flanges DN50-DN800 EN1092/2 or ANSI 150. Pressure standards PN10-PN25, version PN40 until DN200.

Options. other materials and connections, systems for anti/cavitation and low flow stability available.

Downsteam pressure reducing-maintaining valves XLC 310 and 410

These models reduce and maintain a downstream pre-set pressure value regardless of flow rate and upstream pressure variations, thanks to a pressure reducing pilot valve.

Upstream pressure sustaining valves XLC 320 and 420

These valves maintain an upstream minimu pre-set pressure, regardless of flow rate and downstream pressure variations, thanks to a pressure sustaining pilot valve.

Flow control valves XLC 330 and 430

These models automatically limit the flow to a pre-set constant value thanks to a pilot connected to an orifice plate assembly.

Valve for minimum-maximum level control XLC 340 and 440 or constant (proportional) level control XLC 360 and 460

For regulation of water level in tanks by means of pilots with float connected to the circuit of the valve.

Step by step solenoid control valves XLC 353 and 453

For remote control of pressure, flow or level by means of two solenoids included in the circuit of the valve.