WNH Electric Heater

Jiangsu Weineng Electric

A new high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Weineng Electric provice the electric heater and solutions for industry use.

Fluid Electric Heater

Use restrictions must be determined according to the actual situation, but the following work condition and design has proved feasible.

  • Max temperature can be 690°C
  • The pressure up to 690MPa(600bar)
  • With module combination, the heating power can reach 6600kw, but this is not the ultimate of our products
  • The voltage of electric up to 690v, can be installed in hazardous areas of non explosion proof and explosion proof area
  • We have alternative moisture-proof heater
  • It's applicable to -60°C to +60°C environment temperature

Electric heating heater carrier furnace

Electric heating heater carrier furnace is a kind of special industrial furnace, energy saveing , can provide high temperature heat. Heating principle: to organic matter (such as heat transfer oil. etc) or inorganic matter (molten salt) as heat carrier, theheat energy supply to htermal equipment; heat carrier type points for electric.

heat conduction oil explosion proof heater 500kw

Main technical specifications

  1. Maximum operatting temperature:400C
  2. Max power of single block:5000kw
  3. Maximum operatting pressure:2.0Mpa
  4. Control system with flow and pressure, temperature interlock control
  5. With high density immersion heatere of our company, small volume, energy saving and fast in response of temperature
  6. The expansion tank level and the gear pump oil into the interlock control automatic oil feeding
  7. Thermal oil heater outlet temperature can be controlled with in ±1°C
  8. Please eject the conduction oil to cold tank with gear pump when repair the system