Belli Mechanicca Hollow Disc Pump

โรตารี่ฮอลโลว์ดิสท์ปั๊ม (Rotary hollow disc pump)

belli hollow disc pump


เป็นปั๊มปริมาณคงที่ (Positive displacement pump) เหมาะสำหรับการปั๊มน้ำ จนถึงของใหลที่มีความหนืดสูง ที่ไม่มีสารแขวนลอย หรือของแข็งปะปน ปริมาณการใหลขึ้นกับความเร็วรอบ เป็นปั๊มที่ไม่ทำให้วัสดุที่ปั๊มเสียคุณภาพ (Low shear) ไม่เกิดการสึกหรอ (Wear) ไม่เกิดการอุดตัน (Clogging)
ฮอลโลว์ดิสท์ เมื่อมีการหมุนไปมา (Oscillating movement) ภายใน ตัวหมุน (Rotor) จะถูกบังคับให้หมุนไปติดกับเสื้อ (Casing) เกิดสุญญากาศจะผลักดันของไหล เกิดการดูดที่ของไหลจากขาเข้าให้ของไหลเข้ามาในช่องว่าง และถูกผลักดันออกไปตรงทางออก

Technicial features

belli mechanicca operating principle

Operating principle

The oscillating hollow disk moves inside the pump body creating two different volumes, the suction volume and the discharge volume. The two volumes are separated by a diaphragm and the fluid passes through the openings of the pump body.

The hollow disk is pressed against the body walls by a spring allowing the working principle to be elastic and the solid bodies’ transit is allowed too.

Internal seal pumps "C" serires

belli mechanicca c series


Positive displacement hollow disk pump with internal seal. The seal is located internally and the pump shaft is supported on roller bearings. This configuration makes the pump compact and economical but providing good performances. Self-priming with high dry suction capacity, reversible, it tolerates solid parts, reliable and robust in any type of application. This pump model is available in single body, double body or triple body versions and it’s also available in stainless steel.

External seal pumps "L" Series

belli mechanicca l series


Positive displacement hollow disk pump with external seal. The seal is located externally inside the rear stuffing box and the pump shaft is frontally supported on bearing bushing. This arrangement makes the pump suitable for heavy duty applications and for continuous service. The particular configuration allows monitoring and replacement of the seal from back without disassembling the pump body. The pump is self-priming with high dry suction capability, reversible, can process solid parts and offers high performance also in the most critical process applications. This pump model is available in the single body, double body or triple body version and also in stainless steel construction

Mag-drive pumps "MAG" series

belli mechanicca mag series

Positive displacement hollow disk pump with magnetic drive. The magnetic drive coupling transmits the motion to the pump shaft thanks to the use of powerful permanent magnets. Torque transmission occurs without any contact between mechanical parts and the containment canister totally encapsulates the pump liquid from the external environment avoiding any risk of leakage.

The pump is self-priming with high dry suction capability, fully reversible and designed for maximum reliability in the most critical applications where the leakage of the seal is not tolerable. Toxic substances, resins, isocyanates and chemicals transfers or process are typical applications. These pumps have been specifically designed with the use of the magnetic drive coupling, and not like a retro-fit of standard pumps as many competitors do.

ข้อดี (Advantage)

  • Selft-Priming
  • Low NPSHr
  • Bidirectional
  • Simple-Only two moving parts
  • Mechanical efficiency over 85%
  • Constant uniform flow over wide range of fluid viscosities
  • Easy accessability for inspection or maintenance



  • Pump Crude Oil and Volatile Liquids: Solvents/ Engine Fuels/Diesel Oil/ Alcohols and Fatty Acids
  • Heavy/Thick and Viscous Liquids: Mineral Oils/Grease/Resin/Molasses/Sugar Syrup/Bitumen/Soap/Ink and Plasticizers
  • Delicate Liquids: Vegetable Oil/Food Stuffs/Acetovinylic Dispersions and Emulsifiers