Steiber Overrunning Clutches and Back Stops

Steiber เป็นผู้ผลิตคลัทช์หมุนทางเดียว (Overrunning Clutches หรือ Backstops) เพื่อป้องกันการหมุนกลับทาง ซึ่งจะทำให้อุปกรณ์ได้รับความเสียหาย ใช้สำหรับระบบสายพานลำเลียงซึ่งมีความลาดเอียงสูง และน้ำหนักการขนส่งมาก

Steiber now offers the complete range of the overrunning clutches and backstops.

As part of Altra Industrial Motion (USA), Altra Industrial Motion SA (Pty) Ltd. provides customers with the engineering and application expertise of the world’s leading brands in mechanical power transmission and motion control technologies.

Unique engineered backstop solution

Stieber RDBR-E roller ramp type low-speed backstops are externally mounted, selfcontained on a shaft extension with a torque arm. With an internal torque limiter, the RDBR-E is designed for use on large inclined conveyors, where a release function or load sharing is required. The RDBR-E also protects the conveyor belt system by cutting peak loads.

The Stieber RDBK is a centrifugal lift-off sprag type backstop with an internal torque limiter which is designed for use on the high-speed or intermediate shaft of the driving unit in multi-drive systems, such as on large inclined conveyors, where two or more backstops share the reverse load. These innovative backstops provide up to 3.5

Standard Design Examples


steiber backstops csk model


Type CSK is a sprag type freewheel integrated into a 62 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It is bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0,3 mm.

stieber backstops as model


Type AS is a roller type freewheel non-bearing supported. Bearings are required to support axial and radial loads. Lubrication and sealing must also be provided by the installation. Nominal outside dimensions are the same as series 62.. ball bearings

steiber backstops al model


Types AL..F2D2/F4D2 are roller type freewheels, self-contained, sealed and bearing supported, using two 160.. series bearings. Units are delivered oil lubricated.

steiber backstops rsci model


Type RSCI is a centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheel with the inner race rotating. Only the inner race is designed for freewheeling.

Special Design Examples


steiber backstops special design stainless steel

Stainless Steal Backstop for Pump Drive

The pump drive backstop operates under water and prevents the pump from running backwards when the motor is turned off.

steiber backstops customized torque limiting

Customized Torque Limiting Backstop

After a power increase of the drive the original installed backstop failed several times due to overload. This retrofitted backstop with special torque arm arrangement cuts the peak loads and allows a controlled backwards rotation with the hydraulic release functionality.