Aturia Fire Fighting Pump and Packages

Horizontal Fire Pump

Aturia Fire or its name Audoli and Bertola is Italian manufacturer for NFPA 20 with UL, FM, ENI EN 12845 and ENI EN certificated 12259-12. fire pump and package. The fire pump ranges are end suction pump, split case pump, vertical turbine pump for oil and gas, off shore, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, pulse and paper, steel,…industrial etc. and commercial sectors.

aturia horizontal fire pump


Split-Case Type PDN-PD

FM Approved horizontal split-case type centrifugal fire pumps are relatively simple to operate and repair. These pumps have a two-part casing divided in a horizontal plane through the shaft center line. They are well suited to fire protection service where a wate supply is obtainable under a positive head.

Vertical Fire Pump

Shaft, Turbine Type VAB

aturia vertical fire pump

Vetical shaft, turbine type centrifugal fire pumps have submerged impellers contained in a series-bowl assembly at the bottom of a vertical shaft. The design is similar to pumps used extensively for industrial and municipal service. These pumps are FM Approved for discharging water from leakes, streams, open sumps, drilled wells and other equivalent subsurface sources.

Each pump consists of a discharge head, motor stand, column pipe, line shaft, bowl assembly and suction strainer. For electric drive, FM Approved pumps must be used with a vertical, electric motor. For internal-combustion -engine drive, FM Approved pumps must be connected to the FM Approved engine through an FM Approved right-angle gear drive.

Fire Fighting

Pumping Systems

With "Audoli & Bertola" Division, Gruppo Aturia operates in the firefighting field as supplier of water fire fighting packages fully in compliance with the European Standard (EN 12845e EN 12259-12) and the American Standard (NFPA 20).

Audoli & Bertola technical skill allows to easily operate in building and industrial fields and to meet the hardest specifications required by refineries, petrochemical industries and off-shore. Gruppo Aturia offers a wide range of centrifugal pumps for fire fighting application, both in vertical and in horizontal construction.

Audoli & Bertola is the only italian pumps manufacturer to have obtained from "Factory Mutual" the approval for its vertical turbine pumps and split case pumps for a range of capacities from 500 USGPM to 3500 USGPM, at 50~60 Hz and Diesel Driven.

ATEX: Packages and PUmps for Atex Classified area are avaliable for Electrical Pump and Diesel Engine Driven Pump Fire-Fighting services.

aturia fire fighting system