Korea Fluid Machinery (KFM)


KFM Roots Blower

kfm root blower

Features and Advantages of KFM Rotary blower

1 . The main rotors are 3 lobes with a simple concentric circle patent curve, which is easy for processing.
(1) Energy conservation through volumetric efficiency of over 90% and high mechanical performances is guaranteed.
(2) Variations of noise, vibration, pulsation, and pressure are remarkably reduced compared to those of the 2 lobes of the 1st generation. Surging is reduced as well.
(3) The enlarged shaft diameter expands durability of product.
(4) It is economically priced due to mass-production and easy manufacture.
(5) It is possible to use 3rd generation helical.
2. A long life is guaranteed due to excellent strength.
3. Quality system guaranteed are by ISO 9001 / KS A 9001 and the "Q" mark certifications.
4. Reliability of the product is proven by the high number of sales within a long time period.
5. It is possible to save the cost of repair and maintenance because the setup of the blower is very simple allowing for easy assembly and dismantlement.
6. It is possible to install it in a narrow space, and also save the cost and time for the installation.
7. Countrywide service network of the company allows for technical consultation anywhere, any time.
8. You can be immediately supplied with blower at an economic price upon ordering with the automatic production line and FMS.
9. The company has produced and supplied various models of blower to respond to customers' special requirements.
10. The company has been able to produce and supply steadily without stopping production or going through any bankruptcy.

KFM Turbo Blower

kfm turbo blower


  • Usage is calculated exactly as used rather than depending on the operator's ability.
    It leads to reduction in energy and personnel.
  • Regulator to prevent surging drastically allows for operation in larger territory as there is no limit in
    pressure and air volume.

Vacuum Blower