EnviroGear Gear Pump

EnviroGear เป็นผู้ผลิต Inter และ External Gear Pump แบบ Seal และ Sealless, Magnetic Drive ที่ใช้ในอุตสาหกรรมน้ำมันและแก๊ส, ปิโตรเคมี, เคมี, อุตสาหกรรมอาหาร, โรงงานผลิตกาว, โรงงานผลิตสบู่, โรงงานผลิตเรซิ่น และโรงงานผลิตโพลี่ยูรีเทน

EnviroGear is a PSG Group, a part of Dover company provide internal and external gear pump both sealless, magnetic drive and with mechanical sealed pump. Its application for petrochemical, chemical, lube oil and grease, petroleum coating, biofuel, food processing, paint and coating, solvent, adhesive, soap, printing, resin, and polyurethane.

gear pumps envirogear e series

E SeriesIdeal for...

Adhesives, Biofuels, Chemicals, Food processing, Lube oil and grease, Paint and coatings, Petrochemical, Petroleum additives, Polyurethane, Printing, Resins, Soaps


Our revolutionary seal-less design with patented between-the-bearing support system effectively eliminates leaks and mechanical wear, helping to increase personal and environmental safety. Leveraging unique patented design features, E Series is not just a magnetically-coupled, mechanically-sealed or traditional internal gear pump. EnviroGear has completely reinvented internal gear pump technology with a true engineered solution specifically designed from the inside-out for environmentally conscious fluid handling, both for thin fluids, as well as hard-to-seal viscous fluids.

gear pumps envirogear g series

Sealed Internal Gear Pumps

EnviroGear® Pumps, part of PSG®, a Dover Company, is a leading global provider of innovative, high-quality industrial gear pumps for the safe and efficient transfer of liquids. G Series Sealed Internal Gear Pumps from EnviroGear are durable, flexible and efficient positive displacement gear pumps that excel in challenging applications.

Reliable and capable of overcoming your most difficult fluid-transfer needs, G Series pumps are ideally suited for applications requiring a pump that can move liquids ranging from thin to highly viscous.