Nova Rotors Screw Pump

Nova Rotors เป็นผู้ผลิต Progressive Caviry Pump, Single Screw Pump หรือ Eccentric Screw Pump และ Wobble Pump ใช้กับอุตสาหกรรมน้ำมัน และแก๊ส, ปิโตรเคมี, เคมี, พลังงาน, กระดาษ, เหล็ก, ยา, อาหารและนม ตามมาตรฐานยุโรป และ API 676

Nova Rotors Italy’s manufacturer was founded in 1990. Nowadays, we are a national benchmark in the manufacturing and selling of progressive cavity or single screw pump or eccentric screw pump and wobble pumps.

Our pumps are distributed throughout the world and applied in different sectors. From waste water treatment plants (civil and industrial), oil & gas, petrochemical, power, pulse and paper, steel, biological, food and diary, and to the pharmaceutical industry. Nova Rotors is able to manufacturing full range of API 676 progressive cavity pumps.

The Flanged Industrial Series is the basis of the Diamond series. The robust cast casings, also in the stainless steel model, with large inspection ports included, make this an ideal product for the toughest applications. The Diamond DN and JN series are the best solution for a wide range of fluid pumping industries. They are synonymous with sturdiness, reliability, performance and application flexibility. Available with UNI, DIN and ANSI flanged and GAS BSP threaded connections.

screw pump nova rotor dn series

DN Series

The drive system is coupled directly to the pump by means of a flange. This solutions is extremely econonical and compact, considerably reduces installation costs and simplifies maintenance. The forces generated by the hydraulic part are supported by the drive system itself.

screw pump nova rotors jn series

JN Series

The drive is connected to the free bare shaft via a flexible coupling This solutions is the best solution in terms of performance and durability. All the forces generated by the pump are absorbed by the bearings. The bearsing unit of our design is modular and can be installed at a later date in a close coupled pumps of the DN Series

Hopper Pumps

The open hopper pumps with hydraulic auger feed screw are ideal for handling high-consistency materials with a low degree of flowability and high solid content. The are available in 7 differenct construction types, each with different screws and hoppers based on the type of products to be pumped.

All pumps can be made with a close coupled arrangement or a bearing unit arrangement and free bare shaft (JH Series, JHS Series, JHP Series, JHB Series and JHSB Series) excepting the DHE Series which has a built-in gear motor.

screw pumps nova rotors dh series

DH Series

Standard model equiped with rectangular hopper and an auger feed screw that moves the product to the hydraulic part. The length can be adapted to suit the application.

Suitable for pumping materials with low flow-ability and up to 18% solids content which do not create or have a tendency to bridge.

screw pumps nova rotors dhe series

DHE Series

This model has a large ecentric hopper, with integrated trolley, ideal for the wine industry in conjunction with destemmers-crusher. For pumping crushed grapes with or without stems. Extremely compact standard construction with all parts made from AISI 304 stainless steel.

screw pump nova rotors dhs series

DHS Series

This model features a rectangular hopper and enlarged auger feed screw that moves the production to the hydraulic part. The length can be adapted to suit the applications. Suitable for pumping high viscosity materials with low flow-ability and up to 28% solids content which do not tend to bridge.

The screw drive that shaft fratures a special integrated joint protection.