Boyser Pulsation Dampener

Boyser เป็นผู้ผลิต Inline Pulsation Dampener เพื่อลดไฮดรอลิคช็อค ในระบบท่อของปั๊มลูกสูบ (Reciprocating Pump) เพื่อให้ความดันและการไหลสม่ำเสมอ

In their instruction manuals, practically every manafacturer throughout the world of the above mentioned types of pump advices the installation of a flexible section of piping upstream from the pump for the purpose of isolating possible vibration and facilitating the pumps maintenance.

The installation of a FEXODAMP pulsation damper guarantees the above memtional recommendation in additional to providing a constant flow that decreases the pulse effect of the pumps, with an effectiveness of up to 95%

boyser pulsation dampener


  • Industrial peristaltic pumps
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps
  • Piston pumps
  • Eccentric disk pumps
  • Other pulsation flow pumps

การทำงานของ Inline Pulsation Dampener

The inline pulsation damper has a double function in pulsating flow installations.

  • It dampens the pulsations, making the flow continous meaning a system of measurement can be used such as a flowmeter or pressure switches.
  • It eliminates vibrations and hammering as well as reduces noise, increasing the working life of installations, and is essentially useful in very long installations.

The workign principle is very simple. When the damper is not working the compressed air that has entered the inner and outer tube compresses the inner tube. When the pump pulses fluid, part of the fluid expands the inner tube, occupying the area that the compressed air occupied.

The previous process is repeated automatically at the end of the pulse, the flow being linearised as a result of this method being used. Being totally flexible, it absorbs all the vibrations and hammering that may occur.

Available Materials FD/FDR Version

In contact with the fluids:

Inner tube
  • NR, Natural rubber
  • EPDM
  • NBR
  • Food grade hose with FDA certificate
  • Silicone (Depending on the model)

(DIN or ANSI flanges, TRI-CLAMP, DIN 11851, SMS ...)

  • AISI or 316 stainless steel
  • Polypropylene, PVC or PVDF
Other interesting information

FD Version

  • Working pressure: <8 bar
  • Temperature: < 110°C

FDR Version

  • Working pressure: <15 bar
  • Temperature: <110°C

fd version

fdr version