Bombas Ideal Centrifugal Pump

Bombas Ideal เป็นปั๊ม End Suction, Split Casting, Vertical Turbine Pump, Vertical Mixed Flow Pump ซึ่งใช้กับระบบจ่ายน้ำ ระบบน้ำดิบ ระบบหล่อเย็น ระบบบำบัดน้ำเสีย ระบบระบายน้ำ ระบบการผลิต ระบบชลประทาน

Bombas Ideal provide various water pumps. Bombas Ideal has worked on developing and manufacturing pumps for water supply, sewerage, rainwater drainage, power generation and steel production.

The product ranges are horizontal, vertical and mixed flow centrifugal pumps, such as raw water supply pump, cooling water pump, drainage pump, process pump, vertical mixer flow pump, sewage pump, irrigation pump,…etc.

Bombas Ideal is specialized in producing of electric submersible pump, submersible sewage water pump, submersible mixer, floating or submersible aerator for industrial. The material cover grey cast Iron, in marine bronze and inox stainless steel

Slit Case Pumps CP - CP V

These pumps have a large range of applications in industry, mining, fire-fighting, municipal water supply, boiler feed water etc.

Multicelular pumps series AP

These pumps have a very range of applications uses in almost every area of use. The back-pull out design (up to 350mm) make for compact installations and simple maintenance.

Uses include general industry, agricultural, cooling and air-conditioning, domestic and municipal water supplies etc. RN - RNI.

Slit case pumps CP-CP V

bombas ideal multicelular pump

The robust design and simplicity of maintenance make these pumps ideal for heavy duty applications, e.g. industry, mining, agriculture, municiple water supply etc.