Shin Nippon Type B Multistage Back-Pressure


Back-pressure turbines utilize the pressure differential between inlet and outlet steam to efficiently convert a portion of the thermal energy of the steam into mechanical energy. The exhaust pressure is designed to be higher than the atmospheric pressure, so that the thermal energy of the exhaust steam can be reutilized in a variety of industrial processes.

This series of products are known as 'multistage' steam turbines and are characterized by two or more rotor discs mounted on the shaft. The number of stages and the average pitch circle diameter (PCD) of the rotor discs are optimized to suit output, revolutions, inlet steam pressure, temperature and exhaust pressure.

Subject to the number of stages chosen, the nozzles, blades, rotor discs, shaft and casing may be varied, but other essential components are fully standardized and have been engineered to fit easily to any model.  SNM has a comprehensive inventory of standardized components, stock controlled to ensure prompt and reliable supply.


turbine with black pressure steam

Type B multistage back-pressure steam turbines support independent electricity generation by biomass and combined cycle plants, sugar refineries, paper mills, plywood factories, and other industrial facilities.
In addition, the Type C drives air compressors; induced- and forced-draft boiler fans; high-temperature, high-pressure boiler feed pumps; and high-capacity gas compressors in oil refineries and petrochemical, ammonia, and ethylene plants. The Type C may be customized to conform to API 611 or 612.