Shin Nippon Single-Stage Back Pressure


The H Series, and high-output high speed HO series based upon it, are SNM's standard small single stage horizontal turbines for general use.
In addition, there is the CC series, also single stage horizontal turbines, designed as high-RPM devices for use with high-speed compressors, and the V series, designed for vertical installation.


single stage back pressure steam turbine


Representative SNM technologies, the H Series and the high-output, high-speed HO Series are compact, single-stage, horizontal, general-purpose steam turbines. Two further series of single-stage SNM turbines are the compressor-compatible, high-speed, horizontal CC Series and the vertical V Series.


Used in oil refineries and chemical plants, sugar refineries, and power plants, and other industrial operations to drive pumps, fans, compressors, mills, shredders, and to generate electric power. H, HO, and V Series turbines may be customized to conform to API 611, and CC Series turbines to API 612.