BEA Plate and Depth Filter Elements

Plate and Depth Filter Element Products

bea plate and depth filter element bravochem


polyyester filter element

BRAVOCHEM provide a cost effective filtration in applications where retention efficiency, service operating life and dirt holding capacity must be linked with high chemical compatibility. The media is pleated borosilicate microfibers with upstream and downstream layers of polyyester and thermo-welded end fittings.

bea plate and depth filter element bravopleat


polypropylene filter element

BRAVOPLEAT BLP provides a cost effective filtration in applications where retention efficiency, service operating life and dirt holding capacity are the key factors.

The media is obtained pleating several layers of Melt-blown and Spun-bonded polypropylend; the end fitting, available in several configurations, are assembled by Hotmelt process. External extruded cage prevents back pressure phenomena and allows sanitization and sterilization cycles. The cartridges 20", 30" and 40" are manufactured in one single piece and represent a valid alternative to retrofit string wound cartridges, when better performances are required.

bea plate and depth filter element polyver


borosilicated microfibers filter element

POLYVER is designed for cosmetic and food & beverage applications for the filtration of liquid with high bio-burden and colloidal particles. PH grade is prefluxed wiht non-pyrogenic water and is suitable for pharmaceutical process applications.

The media is made by borosilicate microfibers pleated with upstream and downstream layers of polypropylene; the electrical charges of the porous media interact with the contaminant electrical charges and generate and attraction whose effect is to retain particles finer than the physical pore size. Manufacturing is performances in a controlled environment.

bea plate and depth filter element polyverse


regenerable filter element

POLYVERSE is designed for clarification in Food & Beverage industries.

The media is obtained by innovative materials with controlled and decreasing porosity, particularly pleated in order to allow the chemical regeneration or to perform an easier backwashing process.

Materials of construction meet international guidelines for food contact and manufacturing is performed in a controlled environment.

bea plate and depth filter element magnex


large size pleated filter elements

These cartridges adopt a new technology with high pleated surface. Large size filter elements have longer running time and are easy change-outs.

The incorporated SE-TECH technology provides optimal flow distribution between the media and the internal core, avoiding restriction and exploiting the full filtration surface area to generate higher throughput and service life.

bea plate and depth filter element polysan pkn


pleated filter element

POLYSAN-PKN is integrally manufactured with polypropylene. The filter media is obtained by pleating several polypropylene layers, with different porosity and permeability from external to internal; the outer section retains larger particles while the inner section provides filtration rating with high efficiency.

The high chemical compatibility of the polypropylene allows the use both in industrial, process, chemical, oil & gas applications. All the materials of construction are chemically and biologically inert in accordance with FDA and EC requirements

bea plate and depth filter element starlife


meltblown depth filter element

STRALIFE are meltblown polypropylene depth filters ideal for filteration in food & beverage, industrial, inks and paints applications.

The filter element is made with microfibers, thermally bonded to get pattern with decreasing porosity from external to internal.

The strongly media structure does not require any internal or external support providing cost effective solutions.

bea plate and depth filter element dualsep


filter elements for gas and natural gas

DUALSEP filter elements are designed to remove solid particles from compressed air and gas, introgen, hydrogen and natural gas.

They are manufactured using a pleated structure incorporating two different layers: one for particle retention, the second to agglomerate and separate oil and and water mist.


coalescer filter elements

High efficiency REVERSE FINCELL elements remove oil and water mists, condensates and hydrocarbon vapours down to 0,01 ppm in compressed gas system.

REVERSE FINCELL works as a coalescer filter with the direction of flow from internal to external layers, whose function is to separate the water and oil droplets from the gas stream.