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 bea Metallic Filter rentinox


regenerable pleated filter element

RETINOX filter cartridges are manufactured from pleated stainless steel wire mesh media and a stainless steel core sealed to ends by resin. Retinox filter cartridges can be regenerated by backwashing and cleaning; version with drainage media is available.

Main Applications are:

  • Filtration of potable and process water
  • Filtration of paints, resins and adhesives, soap, wax and all the high viscosity fluids

bea metallic filter solinox


regenerable filter element

SOLINOX cartridges are constructed entirely in stainless steel, with a fine stainless steel mesh wrapped around a stainless steel inner core and welded metal end-caps; no glues or resins are used in the construction. SOLINOX cartridges are cleanable and regenerable; they have a very high mechanical resistance up to differential pressure of 2 bar and can withstand extreme temperature from -30°C to +300°C.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Corrosive fluids, high temperatures viscous liquids, liquefied gas and steam
  • Viscous liquids with high differential pressure drop
  • Elements that need no fiber presence
  • Filtration support for precoat filtration

bea metallic filter poral inox


Stainless Steel Seamless filter element

PORAL INOX regenerable elements are manufactured from a sintered stainless steel seamless tube with controlled porosity. Ends welded by TIG process are available with a wide array of fittings including flatgasket, threaded and bayonet connections. PORAL INOX elements are versatile and extremely robust.

Typical applications include:

  • Filtration of liquids
  • Gases
  • Steam and corrosive chemicals

bea metallic filter steelpore


Stainless Steel filter element

STEELPORE pleated cartridges are 100% stainless steel. The filter media is a sintered stainless steel microfiber, support by a wire mesh with welded end caps.

All the cartridge components are precision TIG welded. Steelpore cartridge are able to resist high temperatures and differential pressure and are backwashable and steam cleanable.

bea metallic filter oxopor


oxygen filter element

OXOPOR porous sintered bronze filter elements ae specifically designed for high pressure oxygen gas filtration. Oxopor elements, manafacuted from non-sparking materials, are designed to be easily cleanable and to achieve extremely long service life.

Main features of this filter elements are

  • Usage of oxygen compliant material
  • Degreasing of all components before and after assembly
  • Collapse pressure above 100 bar