Argal Filtering System Lagoon

Filtration system - chemical resistant

The filtering system LAGOON provides an economic removal of solids and organic impurities from chemical liquids during metal polishing, metallic and plastic surface treatments (galvanic, PCB, semi conductors, wires and metallic sheets, etc.); can also be used in several processes of chemical pharmaceutical, water treatment and aquaculture industry.

argal filtering system lagoon

The filtering system lagoon

  • A rotomolded stool supports the filter chamber on top and hosts inside the magnetical drive horizontal pump;
  • A rotomolded stool supports the filter chamber on top and hosts inside the mechanical sealed horizontal pump;
  • Base plate supports filter chamber and vertical pump with cantilevered shaft, no bushings and no bearings

Only filter chamber on feet.
Many types of valves and flowmeters are available, pre-coat tank, carbon purifiction tank, incresing filtering surface solutions.

Main Features Common to All Versions

Flow up to 40.000 l/h combined to different filtering chambers 6 different filtering chambers, 13 types of pumps and 8 models of vertical pumps offer several combinations capable to match most common requirements of flow and and filtering surface.

Different Filtering Components

The wide choice of filtering chambers allows the user to make the right selection between filtering components as:

  • Discs made of cardboard or fibre;
  • Two standard cartriges - 10" and 20" height (wound yarn, pleated, microfibre, with active carbon)
  • Special Argal pleated cartriges with high filtering surface.
  • Filtering bags

Fiters and cartridges are interchanged by simply removing the old and placing the new in the chamber.

Modular system

The range LAGOON has been designed as a flexible modular filtering system. Each module can work as stand alone unit or be connected to the next module in line or in parallel. The spacious stool of each module allows an easy connection of different patterns of pipes, valves and fittings. As mentoned filters can be connected in parallel to process larger flows or in line to deliver an increased degree of filtration.

Active carbon tank VL

The removal of organic material form plating baths is obtained with filters padded with active carbon. Upon request we deliver the filter system with the tank group mounted on a stool and complete with all connections to be plugged in the filtering system. The active carbion tank allows the easy and clean replacement of active carbon consumables as well as the addition of additives to the bath.


All the components are made through injection molding process and are chemical resistant to the liquids pumped.

Following materials are deployed in the construction.

  • Polypropylene or PVDF for the filter chambers;
  • Polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, PVDF or E-CTFE with carbon fibre for the pumps;
  • High density polyethylene for base plates and motor protection

Main applications

Aquaculture, photographic, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, cleaning , electroplating, water treatment industries, generic filtration of solutions and liquids.

Plating process

Anodizing, silver plating, trivalent chrome-plating, gold plating, phosphate coating, etching, washing, chemical nickel, electrolytic nickel, copper-acid, copper-cyanide, copper-chemical, degreasing, tanning, zinc-acid, zinc-alkaline, cyanide, zinc-alkaline cyanide-free, hot-dip galvanizing.