Single Stage Oil Free Screw

GHH airend with high reliability and long service life

single stage oil free screw compressor

Performance range

  • Flow rate from 500m3/h to 8000m3/h
  • Max pressure up to 3.5 bar abs or vacuum down to 190 mbar abs.


  • UltroCoatTM , Energy savings and long service life.
  • The entire unit is designed to be compact and simple to operate.
  • Shaft seals are designed to prevent any oil leakage towards the compression chamber, and successively combine ring seals, labyrinth seals and non-retaining seals, thus making compression absolutely oil free.
  • Below 85DB with sound enclosure.


  • Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries, cement works
  • Sewage treatment (aeration) and drinking water treatment (ozonation)
  • Vacuum handling systems in the paper industry, printing shops, glassworks.
  • Filter cleaning in the mining, iron, and steel industries
  • Homogenisation, fluidisation, desulphurisation of combustion gases
  • Vacuum units
  • Pressurisation of ballasts
  • Aeronautical applications (jet engines starters)