Hight Pressure Oil Free N2 Generator


  • High pressure,oil free, tailor-made.
  • Simple, Proven design.
  • Nitrogen Membrane has No Moving Parts.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Compatible with existing "Shop Air" systems.
  • Low Noise Level.

Product and performance range

1. "MiniGen™" High Pressure N2 Generator

N2 Purity 95%-99.5%,Flow range 1.5scfm-10scfm,Maximum pressure 3000psi

2. MNG Series

N2 Purity 99.5%,Flow range 24 scfm,Maximum pressure 5000 psi

3. MNGG Series

N2 Purity 99.5%,Flow range 25 scfm,Maximum pressure 5000 psi