High Pressure Compound Compressor

Austria made LMF compressor

Performance range

  • Flow rate: 24-70m3/min
  • Pressure: 400bar

Features of package

  • Lightweight,small size, high reliability
  • Low vibration
  • Small amount of maintenance required

Features of Piston Compressor

  • Low-vibration and extremely compact design due to ‘v’ configuration of cylinders.
  • High efficiency at low compression temperatures due to crosshead design and water cooled cylinders.
  • Direct coupling with prime mover at n=1200rpm.
  • Standard cylinder used is replaceable.
  • Maximum possible lifetime of compressor valves ensured by high quality PEEK plates.
  • Minimal oil consumption and wearing of piston rings due to high pressure mini-lubrication of the PTFE piston rings and guide rings.
  • Extremely long periods between gear oil changes because of high efficiency of oil cooling system.
  • Small amount of maintenance required.