Regenerative Turbine Pump

Nikuni is a leading manufacturer in Japan of Regenerative turbine pump and DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) generator pump and system with Gas-liquid mixing or Micro bubble pumps.

Lead Free Turbine Pumps

DNL / DNH: Stainless steel turbine pump


DKL / DKH : Lead-free copper turbine pump

  • General industrial application
  • Cold & hot water circulation
  • Major components for various machineries
  • Chemical liquid transportation

Stainless Steel Turbine Pumps


DNL / DNH : Stainless steel turbine pump

  • Major pump components made of Lead-free copper, which is friendlly both to people and to environment.
  • Copper dissolution to water < 0.005mg/L. (standard value 0.001mg/L) Stable & reliable performance at small flow rate.