Shin Nippon Machinery API610 Centrifugal Pumps

While the world has been changing drastically every day, SNM, by utilizing its own technology and know-how with a long-history record, are ready to propose the best mixture of the our products to be applicable and structure any system of units applied to the need of the market.


Radially Split Single Stage Overhung Pumps (API Class OH2)

  • Outline : Heavy duty construction is full compliance with API610
  • Design features : Back Pull-Out Construction
  • Max. Flow Rate up to 1500m3/h(6600 US GPM)
  • Max. Diff. Head up to 400 m(1310 feet)
  • Max. Operation Temperature up to 400°C(752°F)
  • Pressure Rating over 4 MPa(600 PSIG)


  • Max. flow rate up to 1100m3/h
  • Max. discharge pressure up to 2500# Flange rating
  • Max. operation temperature up to 400°C
  • Max. speed up to 6000 rpm

  • Max. flow rate up to 1200m3/h
  • Max. diff. Head up to 1500m
  • Max. operation temperature up to 150°C
  • Min. operation temperature up to -120°C