Lobe pumps

Aseptic version omac lobe pumps

Aseptic version

All standard models can be produced in Aseptic versions with sterile, steam or liquid barriers on the end cover, shaft seals and suction/discharge ports.

This type of pump is used in the food and pharmaceutical sterilised product packaging areas where it is important that the product is not contaminated by bacteria or micro-organisms during transfer.

Enlarged suction inlet omac lobe pumps

Enlarged suction inlet

The B115, B220, B330, B440, B490 Models can be supplied with enlarged rectangular suction inlets allowing highly viscous products such as semisolid pastes or mixtures containing semi-solid pieces to be pumped.

In these cases the pump is generally positioned with the port on a vertical axis in order to allow the entry of the product under gravity directly beneath the hopper.

Heated jacket body omac lobe pumps

Heated jacket body

If it is necessary to keep the pumped fl uid at a constant temperature a heated jacket body is available for all the pumps except the B100.

This allows the circulation of heating or cooling liquid. Typical examples are melted fats, butter and margarine, chocolate and glucose.

Heated jacket front cover omac lobe pumps

Heated jacket front cover

The front cover can be made suitable for heating or cooling the pump and its own or with heated jacket on the body.


Flushed seals

When the pump is transferring products that may crystallise or leave solid deposits, the mechanical seals supplied have to be cleaned by fl ushing water or a compatible liquid at low pressure.

This fl ushing arrangement can also be used to dissipate heat or to avoid dry running. There is a fixed chamber around the standard seal with the UM seal for sealing the flushing liquid.

Should the fl ushing liquid be aggressive, dangerous or a pollutant, and the pressure is higher than the working or pumped fluid, it is possible to fi t a double fl ushed mechanical seal.

In this case the second seal is necessary to avoid the fl ushing liquid leaking.

Omac lobe pump special materials

Pumps in special materials

OMAC can product Lobe pumps for transferring all kinds of aggressive products. The B100 and B330 Models can be manufactured in mixed versions, i.e. shafts and rotors in Titanium, Hastelloy or Monel, with the pump/cover body in Thermoplastic Resin.

For larger sizes or high working pressures there are other versions with all parts in contact with the product in Hastelloy, Titanium or Monel, a mix can also be produced, e.g. moving parts in Titanium and stationery parts in Hastelloy.

Omac lobe pump with hydraulic motor

Pumps with hydraulic motor

Specifically designed for road tanker duties, the B325, B330 and B390 can be supplied with flanged gear cover direct coupled to hydraulic motor.

These pumps can be supplied bareshaft or complete with hydraulic motor, power station and control system.