NORTH STREET COOLING TOWERS PVT. LTD was established 29 years ago and has been at the forefront of cooling tower industry since 1989. Pioneering the cooling tower industry, North Street Cooling Towers Pvt Ltd.(NSCTPL) has strived for innovation in cooling solutions for its customers.

NSCTPL has completed numerous projects in Domestic and International market. All the manufacturing activity is done in an industrial size plot of 14500 sq. meters which includes timber fabrication and treatment plant, FRP Molding, Mechanical manufacturing and Assembling work.

Carbon Fiber products like Carbon Fiber Drive shaft which is a vital component in operation of the Formula 1 vehicle is manufactured solely by North Street, is one more star in its achievements. Our company is lead by a team of experienced engineering professionals.

Reduction in temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid, wich removes latent heat from the surface from which evaporation takes place.

Counter Flow Cooling Tower

In counter flow cooling towers, the air travels vertically upwards while the water falls vertically downwards. The water and air interaction is further enhanced by providing a fill media which increases the time for which they both are in contact with each other.

Fill Selection of Counter Cooling Tower

PVC film fill is preferred where cold water temperature is critical and quality of water is good, but should be avoided when the circulating water contains oil or is highly polluted.

PVC-V bars are used where the quality of water is poor and PVC film fill cannot be used.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Fill Selection of Cross Flow Cooling Tower

In cross flow cooling towers, the air and water cross each other at right angles with water falling vertically downwards and air moving in horizontally. They are available with splash type fill and are suitable for all cooling load applications. However, they are more suitable for applications where water has higher suspended solids which can be a problem for film fill cooling tower.

Splash fill is available in chemically treated timber and PVC V Bar and Opti Grid. Fills are supported on grids made of SS-304 wire. For smaller load application, cooling towers are fitted with direct driven motor arrangement where fans are directly mounted on motor shafts.