Gear Pump

Nippon Cloid Gear Pump is external gear pump with more accuracy and efficiency ellicliod tooth profile. Nippon Cloid also can provide double helical gear pump to reduce vibration and noise. Nippon Cloid is ble to provide standard gear pump and API standard gear pump which use in oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical industries.

Cloid Gear Pump and Colid Rotary Pump have high reputation in all fields of industry since its launch for performance, durability, ease offersuse and economic efficiency. For Cloid Gear Pump, we have adopted shape of Ellicloid tooth profile with one point contact continuous curve which is developed specially for fluid transportation.

In addition, it has become double helical gear which combines 2 helical gears, fluid can be passed with high efficiency and that with less vibrations and low noise. Also, Cloid Rotary Pumps have the structure to pass high viscosity fluid which cannot be passed by the gear, and also to pass a fluid including solid material. Rotary pump is widely adopted in all fields of industry similar to gear pump.

Nippon Cloid Gear Pump

T-type Gear Pump

JT-type Gear Pump

RT-type Gear Pump with Relief Valve

RJT-type Jacketed Gear Pump with Relief Valve

Ellicloid Gear Pump Features
Ellicloid Gear Pump Features