Hitachi Metals MMC Copper alloy

Based on a long history of mining and smelting copper, we started the production of special copper alloys at Okegawa plant in 1944, and have been supplying our products to contribute a great deal to our world.

Our products have been supporting Japan’s growth in Automotive industry, Marine and various other fields. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Hitachi Metals MMC Superalloy is one of the principal suppliers of copper alloy rods, bars and other copper alloy products to various industries in automotive, heavy engineering, aviation, mining and others. The copper alloys we provide are lead-free (Restrictions of the use of Lead in E.U)*, and have high wear-resistance, excellent corrosion-resistance, and excellent fatigue-endurance.

The following list, for reference, is a comprehensive introduction of our copper alloys. Please note that each datum shown below is an typical value based on our experimental data, and is not a guaranteed value.