Hitachi Metals MMC Control expansion alloy

With the development in industrial technology, there is an ever-increasing demand for a more advanced degree of process accuracy. Needless to say, the prevention of heat deformation to ensure accuracy in processing machines, measuring machines, optical instruments, and various precision parts is critical for the promotion of higher performance. In other words, the best solution is to maintain the accuracy of various equipments, parts and components by using alloy materials that show low, controlled thermal-expansion characteristics.

Hitachi Metals MMC Superalloy manufactures various controlled expansion alloys based on the melting and machining technologies and quality control methods accumulated through its work in aircrafts, nuclear power material, and automobiles.

Properties of typical Fe-base alloys and Ni-base alloys are introduced here as for your alloy selection. Please note that all data are average values based on experimental data and not guaranteed values.