Kubota pumps

Since commencing its pump business in 1952, Kubota has worked on developing and manufacturing pumps for water supply, sewerage, rainwater drainage, power generation and steel production. Meanwhile, Kubota has also built pump plants by taking advantage of its general engineering capabilities.

Thus far, Kubota has developed its business in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Middle/Near East. To further expand business in rapidly growing China and Southeast Asia, Kubota established a joint venture in China and commenced production.


Feature & benefit

Saving installation cost

The motor is installed on the discharged elbow and so the pump requires less space than for the horizontal type thereby reducing installation costs.

High reliability

The motor is installed at a high elevation making it safe from flooding even during times of emergency. Because the impeller is located in the water, pump is free from cavitation and can lift water from deep wells, which is not possible with horizontal pump.

Kubota's Vertical Mixed Flow Pump has a rising characteristic(H vs. Q) from run out flow to no-flow condition and can lift water even when the head fluctuates. Pump operation is very quiet over a wide range of flows.


Feature & benefit

High performance

Bowl configuration has been simplified by using Duplex Stainless Steel plate while obtaining high efficiency.

Improved suction performance has been achieved by using advanced analysis technology.

Lightweight and compact
  • Duplex Stainless Steel plate is used for pump main parts.
  • 30% lighter compared to the previous stainless steel casting type.