Greatwall Mixers

Founded in 1981, Zhejiang GreatWall Mixers Co. ,Ltd. (GREATWALL) is the leading compσny n China for Mixing technology research, design, manufacturing and the installation of agitators. GREATWALL specifies and sets the national and industrial standards for mixing equipment.

Based on our advanced technology, abundant practical experience, excellent project design and execution, reliable pr:.oduct quality and dependable services, GREATWALL is well-recognised and respected by all our èUSlomers.


Large Power Belt Mixers

double output shaft mixer

Double Output Shaft Mixers

Right Angle Gear Mixer

Right Angle Gear Mixers

two stage vertical hard surface cylindrical gear mixer

Two Stage Vertical Hard Surface Cylindrical Gear Mixers

co axial gear mixers

Co Axial Gear Mixers

parallel shaft gear mixer

Parallel Shaft Gear Mixers