Energyen is very proud that it has been supplying high quality products to the world's top engineering con-struction and manufacturing companies after passing the strict qualification for power plant and industrial plant.

Having two well equipped factories located southwest of South Korea and certificates for ASME(U, U2, S) and ISO 9001, ENERGYEN commits the accountability of high quality and timeliness of all the tasks. Also, ENERGYEN achieves the customer satisfaction by demonstrating boundless enthusiasm.

Components of Turbine & Generator

end shield
Stator Frame
Hydrogen Cooler
Exhaust Casing
Lube Oil Cooler
Package Unit

Heat Exchanger and Process Equipment

Inter Cooler
Air Cooled Condenser
H.P.Feed Water Heater
L.P.Feed Water Heater
Surface Condenser
Closed Cooling Water Heat Exchanger
Fuel Gas Heater