Climate pumps

Climate Pumps Series CP

Serie CP

The broad pump range shown, with discharges up to 400 m3/h and heads up to 170 metres, allows a wide diversity of use, including irrigation, circulation of drinkable water, water purifier stations, heating and air conditioning installations, fire fighting pump sets, circulation of liquids at industrial plants, mines, construction, etc. Suitable to handle clean or slightly polluted liquids, with temperatures up to 90°C. CPR 125-400/2M.

Climate Pumps In Line RNL Series

Pumps IN-Line RNL series


  • Water supply systems
  • Booster units
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Liquid transfer in industry
  • Air conditioning systems

Design feature

  • Suction and discharge flanges are on the same axis. Both flanges are identical. (In-Line).
  • Pumps are single stage centrifugal type. The flow rates of the pumps comply with the DIN 24255.
  • RNL type pumps are direct coupled with norm electric motors which comply with the VDI standards and IEC Frame sizes.
  • Pump shaft is supported by motor bearings.
  • Mechanical seals are unbalanced type, seal faces are ceramic-graphite. Seals are flushed by pumped.

Climate Pumps RFI Series

Series RFI

Close coupled pumps standardized according to DIN 24255 with common shaft for motor and pump.Pump casing, support and impeller in cast iron and shaft in stainless steel. Mechanical seal in carbon-ceramic standardized according to DIN 24960.

  • Maximum liquid temperature 90°C.
  • Maximum ambient temperature 40°C.
  • Maximum pressure 10 bars

Climate Pumps Series RN-RNI

Series RN, RNI

These pumps have a very range of applications uses in almost every area of use. The back-pull out design (up to 350mm) make for compact installations and simple maintenance. Uses include general industry, agricultural, cooling and air-conditioning, domestic and municipal water supplies etc. RN - RNI.