Power Transmission Components

Altra motion provide power transmission components such as power transmission gear, gear drive, gear motor, mechanical coupling, flexible disc coupling, long span disc coupling, long span drive shaft, cooling tower coupling, floating shaft coupling, composite floating shaft cooling tower coupling, diaphragm coupling, grid coupling, gear coupling, elastomeric coupling, magnetic coupling, brake, pneumatic brake, electric brake, magnetic brake, hydraulic brake, clutch, over running clutch, over load clutch, torque converter, formsprag, torque limiter, back stop, pneumatic clutch, electric clutch, hydraulic coupling, pulley, timing pulley, belt, timing belt, sheave, chain, sprocket, universal joint, u-joint, fly wheel, air motor, air winch, and electric winch to oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, steel, pulse and paper, mining and general industry

cluches and brakes

Clutches and Brakes

  • Formsprang Clutch
  • Industrial Clutch
  • Inertia Dynamics
  • Marland Clutch
  • Matrix International
  • Stieber Clutch
  • Svendborg Brakes
  • Twiflex Limited
  • Warner Electric
  • Wichita Clutch


  • Ameridrives Couplings
  • Ameridrives Power Transmission
  • Bibby Turboflex
  • Guardian Couplings
  • Huco Dynatork
  • Lamiflex Couplings
  • TB Wood’s
gearing & power transmission components

Gearing & Power Transmission Components

  • Boston Gear
  • Bauer Gear Motor
  • Delroyd Worm Gear
  • Kilian Manufacturing
  • TB Wood’s
  • Nuttall Gear
  • Warner Linear
electric clutchers and brakes

Electric Clutches and Brakes

  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Clutch/Brake Assemblies
  • Tension Control Brakes
  • Wrap Spring Micro
  • Clutches
  • Custom Engineered
  • Products
heavy duty clutches and brakes

Heavy Duty Clutches and Brakes

  • Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes
  • Hydraulic Clutches & Brakes
  • Caliper Brakes
  • Water Cooled Brakes
  • Fluid Couplings
  • Custom Engineered Products
overrunning clutches and brakes

Overrunning Clutches and Brakes

  • General Purpose
  • Special Purpose
  • Roller and Sprag Backstops
  • Clutch Couplings
  • Custom Engineered Products

engineering couplings

Engineered Couplings

  • HP Disc & Diaphragm
  • Universal Joints
  • Grid & Gear
  • Elastomeric
  • Precision
  • Gear Spindles
  • General Purpose
  • Locking Devices
  • Torque Limiters
  • Engine Flywheel
gear drives

Gear Drives

  • Worm Gear
  • Concentric Helical
  • Loose Gearing
  • High-Speed
  • Parallel Shaft
  • Right Angle
  • Torque Limiters
  • Custom Engineered Products
gear motors

Gear Motors

  • Inline Helical
  • Helical Bevel
  • Helical Worm
  • Shaft Mounted
  • Aseptic Drive
  • IE4 Geared Motors
  • Custom Engineered Products

linear actuator and controls

Linear Actuators and Controls

  • Light Duty
  • General Duty
  • Rugged Duty
  • Custom Products

Engineered Bearing Assemblies

  • Ball Bearings
  • Roller Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Needle Bearings
  • Plastic Bearings
  • Polymer Assemblies
  • Custom Engineered Products
belted drives

Belted Drives

  • Sheaves & V-Belts
  • Synchronous Drives
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Bushings